Most of the homes on the Monterey Peninsula have older wood-burning fireplaces. A gas fireplace insert is a great upgrade option for those homes.

A gas fireplace insert is a self-contained, enclosed firebox that slides into your existing fireplace cavity. Gas Inserts come in all sizes and can be styled a variety of ways to appeal to your particular design tastes or home aesthetic. They connect to a gas line inside the firebox (natural gas or propane), and if you choose to add a blower – it will also connect to electrical.

Once installed, they provide an amazing auxiliary heat source to your regular home furnace – in fact, most of our customers tell us that they drastically reduce their furnace use after having an insert installed.

We sell many different models of gas inserts, so we’re pretty sure we have something for every budget and taste. Have a look below at just a few of our favorite models.

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